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Pipe Cleaner -Spine release

Aligns and releases the spine


Take a six foot long piece of fabric about 1″ wide and insert  through a hole at the top of your head. With your right hand feed the cloth all the way down through the center of your spine and out your Coccyx. Grab the end with your left hand and gently pull back and forth, cleaning out your spine.

This is a difficult visualization but give it a try. It is an awesome sensation and really does clean things up. Aligns and releases the spine.


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Post Feldenkrais

Imagine you have a paint brush attached to the back of your head and pointing up to the ceiling. It’s long enough for the tip to reach the ceiling. Gently paint the ceiling (in your imagination) . Start with simple back and forth then side to side. Small strokes 6″ to a foot at the ceiling. Guaranteed to loosen the spine. Make sure your mental focus is on the tip of the brush painting the ceiling.

Extend the brush from the tip of your nose to the wall in front of you. Paint side to side. Up and down. With the mental focus on tip.

Try these painting circles. figure eights. If done with the right mental focus at tip and wall this will cause deep tension release throughout the body. Shoulders will fall. Arms will relax. Try it!

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