I first studied the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais by reading a copy of “Awareness through Movement” which was just “stumbled” upon. It wasn’t until later when working with Ellen Soloway of New Orleans that the depths of this little book were explored and learned.

Few I think talk about the temporal  shift that occurs during the practice of Feldenkrais methods.  Perhaps because one has no need  to know this in order to gain  from these teachings. But for all you Neuroscientists the emphasis Dr Feldenkrais put on the imaginary action being done ahead of the actual movement definitely shifts the expectation of “action – result” we are used to. It is part of “thinking not thinking ” paradox that is so human and frustrating.

These and the other methods and teaching here are like a  key into mechanisms which we have no direct access. Tell your back to relax. It might help a little but you’ll notice we don’t have direct control over our own functions!



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