You can learn methods to get better. When you learn them here it is with the understanding that you are learning to be a teacher as well as a student. This is an advantage to you and the world you live in. By looking at things in this light you will learn to embrace instead of resist living. This outlook offers countess possibilities, opportunities to increase the ease in which you function in this life both physically, mentally and spiritually.

My story is one of pain, dysfunction, self medication, perseverance and overcoming. You can too!

As a child I suffered spinal injuries which were left untreated. My body compensated and surrounded my injuries with what can be described as a knot of protective mechanisms. I carried on in life “normally”as most of us do. But I felt the effects.  Drinking large amounts of alcohol became my solution to the pain . This  eventually stopped working and became a bigger problem and I had to check into  rehab . I haven’t had a drink since but I still and the original problem


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